It was only three years ago that Inter Milan won the Champions league title along with two other major trophies, thus completing the first Italian treble. Argentine striker Diego Milito played a huge role in the success by scoring 30 goals in that season. Inter have fallen into bad times since then.


After being linked with a move away from Inter Milan only a few months ago, it looks like striker Diego Milito will be part of the team in the new campaign. He is still recovering from his major injury suffered last season. The striker has said on his official Facebook page that he cannot wait to return to first-team action.

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Inter Milan striker Diego Milito has stated that he will be happy to welcome José Mourinho and Leonardo back at the club. Mourinho is widely regarded as the greatest manager in the world.

He led Inter Milan to a famous treble in 2010 when the club managed to win the league title, Champions League, and the Coppa Italia. He has since gone on to manage Real Madrid, while the Spanish club recently revealed that the Portuguese will be departing the club at the end of the season after three years in charge.


Even though the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says that the possibility of getting back into the tie against Bayern Munich is not impossible, he is thought to be seriously considering resting several key players with the Premier league match during the weekend in mind.


The chances of England batting better at the European U21 tournament seems to be much better than before. It’s hard to understand how Pearce decided Michael Mancienne, a defender, was a better bet for midfield against Spain than £20million-rated Everton star Jack Rodwell. It’s even harder to understand how Rodwell is rated at £20m.

Mancienne certainly looks the part, the part I had in mind was a player for Arsenal Ladies.


Mastering the art of soccer passing is a must if you want to perform well as a soccer player. Without good passing skills your time on the field will be short. Passing is so simple but still so difficult. It may look simple when professional players find each other with long and precise passes, but these players have spent thousands of hours on a soccer field practicing soccer passing.


The Hit the Coach soccer drill is for soccer players ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 (U3, U4, U5, U6).

This is my favorite practice game for U4 and U6 soccer players.

It’s easy, fun and the kids love it. It teaches many things – ball control, soccer dribbling, kicking the ball while running, looking up while dribbling and shooting. The kids learn while having fun and don’t get tired of it.


The Dribble Across A Square soccer drill is for soccer players ages 7 and older.

This game is a great warm up and the best way to teach soccer control dribbling, turning with the ball and how to "Breakaway". It is easy to make the square larger so players learn how to recognize Open Space and to "Breakaway".

This game teaches players to look up while dribbling (you will never have to say "look up" because they will have to look up to avoid running into each other.


This soccer defending drill is great for teaching young players how to defend when they are the closest player to the opponent with the ball.

* You will need the attacking third of a field with a full size goal.
* Split the team into two groups of defenders who start on both sides of the goal.
* Two attacking players are positioned outside the penalty area on both sides of the field, with a ball.


1. On the coaches command the first defender from each line closes down the attacker.

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